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Maintenance for vehicles and equipment is important, but it also means no money is being made during their time off the road. So how can Femco help you? A Femco drain plug is going to lower the time necessary for maintenance, getting your equipment back out on the road faster. Femco drain plugs make oil changes more efficient and cleaner.


Why choose the Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug?


The Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug has been in use for 30 years and has been thoroughly tested and proven under real world conditions over millions of miles. The Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug is specifically designed to change oil effectively, efficiently, and without the risk of causing pollution from oil spills; making the Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug the perfect choice to remove all types of fluids from your vehicles, machines, and hydraulic systems.


What does a different plug do for me?


Fair question, after all regular oil pan plug have been around for decades, so what makes a Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug different?


  • You only put a Femco drain plug in once. When it's time to drain the oil, all you do is remove the dust cap and attach the drainer. You won't have to repeatedly torque the oil pan bolt in, and this eliminates stress on the oil pan and stripping the threads on the plug.
  • The Femco drain plug is about as clean as you can get when it comes to oil changes.  No oil comes out until the drainer is applied. This allows your mechanics to make oil changes when the oil is hot, never touching the oil and with little chance of injury. Completing the oil change while the oil is still hot allows more of the oil to be drained from the engine, making for a better and cleaner oil change.
  • Your oil changes will be faster and more environmentally friendly. No more worries about leaky oil pan plugs or spills from the draining of the oil.


Why should you choose a Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug?


Femco drain plugs have been installed in vehicles and heavy equipment for over 30 years. Our plugs are the industry standard and we have a loyal following of repeat customers. Take the time to check out a Femco drain plug and see how it will help you keep your fleet out on the road and making money.




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