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FEMCO Compact Plug

When you need to make the job of changing oil a safer and more efficient process, look to Quick Drain Plug by Sage Oil Vac for their high quality oil drain plugs and accessories. They operate out of Amarillo, Texas and are the authorized dealer of Femco Drain Plugs. Since the 1990's, they have been providing a permanent solution for stripped and broken drain plugs.


Customer service and providing solutions for your problems through their knowledge of the technology involved and their desire to help will make your equipment selecting decisions easier. You will find high quality in the Femco Drain Plugs and will help you with making your work processes quicker, cleaner, and safer. This is especially true in a potentially hazardous or toxic work environment.


What is the Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug?


If you have equipment or vehicles that have a limited amount of space to work with, consider using the Femco Compact Drain Plug, a smaller version of the Femco Standard Oil Drain Plug.


Vehicles with a lower ground clearance, such as busses and fork lift trucks, are other examples that would be a good fit for the Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug. A small amount of space should not mean that you should not be able to drain the oil quickly and conveniently.


Making oil changes safe and environmentally friendly.


Oil is not the only fluid that you can change with the Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug. You are able to change all fluids in an efficient manner and without the worry of causing spills and pollution to the environment.


The Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug is installed in your vehicle permanently, allowing you to prevent future problems with broken drain plugs and stripped threads. The cover on the drain plug prevents dirt from accumulating between the thread and the dust cover, allowing an easy and clean removal of the cover to begin changing the oil.


You are able to use a Femco drain connector with the Femco Compact Oil Drain Plug to allow you to have full control of the flow of the oil from the vehicle into the used oil container. This closed system will ensure that no waste oil is able to leak out and needs further action.









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