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FEMCO Click Drain Plug

The Femco® Click Drain Plug is the best in the market. It comes in various sizes so that whatever engine you are running, Femco has a plug for you. It is made of brass so that the threads and sealing are precise. The material chosen for this drain plug is used to deter rusting and to guarantee durability and a longer lifespan. If you are in the market to purchase and use drain plugs, consider investing in a Femco® Click Drain Plug.


What is the Femco® Click Drain Plug System?

The Femco® Click Drain plug is an oil draining system consisting of a drain plug and a “clicker”. The drain plug used in the Click Drain system is permanently installed and prevents you from having stripped oil drain plugs and messy oil pans.


When it’s time for an oil change, you simply unscrew the cap on the drain plug and “click” the drainer into place on the Femco® Click Drain oil drain plug. The used oil will then flow through the drainer into a catch container and preventing oil spills.


Creating Effective and Efficient Oil Changes

The Femco® Click Drain oil drain plug enables you to change the oil quickly, without the worry of spilling the used oil. Using the Femco® Click Drain plug system results in a considerable amount of time saved, especially if you have a large number of vehicles that need to be serviced. When you don’t have the drain hose attached to the plug, the dust cap will keep any dust and debris out of the plug.


The Femco® Click Drain oil drain plug can be used together with an oil suction system, decreasing the time it takes for the oil change and increasing your overall productivity. This system can also be used to fill your vehicles and equipment with fresh oil. If you already have a suction system in place at your workshop, don’t worry. The Femco Click Drain plug can be used with any system that you may have.


How a Femco Click Drain Plug is Designed

These drain plugs are designed with the customer in mind. Femco uses only Viton o-rings to last the life of the engine and components like stainless steel springs.


For all of your plug needs, a Femco Click Drain plug will be your best choice. It can be used in virtually every industry; construction, farm machinery, factory equipment, fleet vehicles, or automotive. These plugs won’t rust and can handle heavy jobs because they are made completely from pure brass from top to bottom.




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